Application Process

Basic Process- I thoroughly read all applications. You can expect me to understand your needs, wants, and desires.
All instructions must be followed completely in order to be considered. I do not appreciate time wasters-only contact if you are committed to scheduling an appointment. If I decide your interests on the online application are compatible with mine, then I will proceed to the next step in the process. Completing Step 1 does not obligate you or me to necessarily meet, however, if I think we could be a match than I will spend some of my precious time to screen you. Unlike many providers out there, when the phone rings or an email is answered, you will be speaking directly with me. This is your chance to shine.The Follow Steps must all be completed:

  1. Complete the online application Click HERE for application. Please do not leave any areas blank and be as specific and thorough as possible.
  2. If Step 1 is completed to my satisfaction, then and only then will I contact you to discuss the opportunity of joining “My Mutual Admiration Society”.
    The “ Mutual Admiration Society” is the way in which I lovingly describe my devoted and most loyal clients. Should you be lucky enough to be accepted into my special-fold then prepare to play by my rules. I reserve the right to “FIRE” any client I see fit- for any reason. (Yes- like the Donald) Of course, you will know your expectations so it will not be without cause. I’m not looking for a love connection, a lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband, or wife. I just love spending time with easy going, genuine people that want to share some exciting stolen moments together.

Wanted: Safe Men and Women for Dangerous Times