A little bit about me

I’ve always had that kinky, naughty, and bossy streak. Being a professional lifestyle Dominatrix for many years, has been an exhilarating ride of a lifetime. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, a woman, and most importantly I’ve connected and become one with my inner Seductrix.

Seductrix is the term I’ve coined to describe myself and my domination style. Being a self-described, “Non-Glamazon”, puts me into a different classification than the “traditional image” of a dominatrix. I am not the 6’6” tall, blond with a huge rack and a German accent dawned in a latex cat suit barking out orders. Rather I appear as the quintessential girl-next-door type. The All-American girl that appears to be sweet and innocent. In reality I am clever and coy, and an intellectual. Of greatest importance, I am observant! KNOW that I will understand you and will react to your hidden desires. I am the WOMAN that you always hoped would be kinky and naughty deep-down but you didn’t dare ask for fear of offending. This troubling dichotomy is at the heart of my being, my essence-the enigma that comes from not falling in line with everyone else’s rules, agendas, or styles. I am truly unique in all that I do. By blending all the
knowledge I have acquired by studying the great seductresses of all time, reading anything written by a practicing or retired dominatrix; I’ve arrived at a truly singular destination. I’ve learned that my natural girl-next-door charms can lure and lull you into a false sense of security. Then when you least expect it I unleash that dark-hearted, venom-spewing dominatrix side and your head will be spinning with euphoria. The Seductrix is the perfect mix of sensuality, sexuality, charm, intelligence, beauty, grace, and when required stubbornness, sternness, and dominance. This is what I embody and love it! You will learn to as well.

When you visit me, I want you to relax and be yourself. It’s my wish that the joy, excitement, and playfulness I exude rub off on you. Most people today are overworked, too serious, and stressed beyond words, the time spent with me allows you to find the joy of Play again. Who doesn’t want to let their inner child out? I pride myself on not judging anyone because I want you to be comfortable. You must get “out of your own way” before you will achieve a peak experience with me. I create a safe space in which we are absent from the world around us- we will go to places we love, but usually have to hide. Submitting to this beautiful Seductrix can lead to feelings of powerlessness and validation, which demonstrates the wonderful paradox of empowerment through submission.

The mind and character of a man with the charms of
-Catherine the Great

-THIS IS MY WISH FOR YOU- When you spend some of your precious fleeting, stolen moments with me.