The Blue Room / Philosophy

My Parisian inspired Salon, The Blue Room, was designed to create an oasis of relaxation, comfort, serenity, and ecstasy. It’s reminiscent of the great Salons of the early 19th century, in which people understood the importance of taking time to enjoy the beauty, charm, and wiles of an enigmatic, intelligent woman. These trailblazers spent time, intimate and private moments with some of the great poets, intellectuals, Royalty, and writers of their day. These sirens have inspired and taught me well. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each of my selectively chosen clients. In order to heighten and stretch your limits, I must learn as much as possible about your deepest darkest fantasies and desires.

My philosophy is similar to many great Seductresses; my charms, wit, and beauty will captivate you putting you under my spell. You will feel compelled to try to figure me out, to learn more. I must warn you though this is futile, but luckily the journey is worth it. In your chase, addiction, and compulsion to stay ever in my presence and good graces, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.

I do hold myself and my clients to very high standards. This is not only my work but my lifestyle and as a result I take it very seriously. If you are serious, sincere, dependable, and open than you may be fortunate enough to enjoy my company and have your time with Bliss.

Changing the image and style of dominance-one happy, returning client at a time