Welcome to Bella's Blue Room

Visit me, Bella Bliss- where you can plunge yourself into pleasure! Together we can play and act differently, I will melt away the drudgery of everyday life. With my help, you can become someone else. Together we will play and I’ll create a safe non-judgmental private environment so that you can let out your true desires. Under my command, you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be yet have been denying yourself. Deny yourself no longer, you’ve kept your true fantasies under lock-and-key, come to me and I’ll be your gate keeper.

The time we spend together will be devoted to you and the creation of your fantasies. I love creating an environment dedicated to pleasure and play; YOUR real world will stop and YOUR fantasy world will be governed by ME, your Seductrix.

BE FOREWARNED- Those who dare to meet, be prepared to fall prey to my addictive floating world of seduction and my elusive, enigmatic aura.

Be careful-what you wish for -is one of my favorite sayings and if I let you become one of my followers, you will see why.