First and foremost, putting yourself in the hands of another, one tends to get hesitant and apprehensive. The fact that you are allowing another person to take total control, is a bit fearful. These were our thoughts as we drove to spend an evening, with Mistress Bella. But as she answered the door, and as you entered, any other thoughts of apprehension, quickly vanished. She made us feel comfortable, and at ease immediately, and it was only uphill from there. She communicates wonderfully, sets a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and related to us beautifully. After we chatted, and she got an understanding of our/my needs and desires, she immediately took control, and it was like she was able to read my mind, on fulfilling our desires, and truly knowing our limits. She truly has a passion for her art, and that passion flows directly into you, and I was so totally turned on, it was so very hard to contain myself, but she controlled even that...perfectly. Her touch is exquisite, mixing a delicious softness, with her most demanding hardness, and that skillful combination, is the ultimate.

The only thing lacking, is that it cannot go on forever, but we do know that we'll be looking forward to another visit soon, and then another and another, to continue enjoying those feeling of being with a very wonderful Mistress, and a very nice and caring person. Oh yes- did we mention, that she is as beautiful as she is skillful. What more could you ask for...except MORE...
-My favorite couple: Rob and his pet-A

I was initially uncertain about asking Mistress Bella if she would see me. I'd been out of the scene for quite some time and time isn't always kind to transvestites.

But soon enough want, curiosity and the Cheshire-cat grin in Bella's picture drew me onward. Our first session was late last summer, and by the time I rang her doorbell I was beginning to sweat from the anxiety and from the oppressive heat and humidity. I wasn't sure whether I was ready to do this again: letting someone into your secret world, the thoughts, feelings and desires that, most of the time, you try to keep hidden from the people you live with, work with and comprise the "normal" parts of your life is something to think twice about.

But when you get past those first fears and reservations and let your mistress take control the joy is immense. If you see Bella once, you'll be enchanted; if you see her twice, bewitched; if you see her again and again you will find someone who leads you where you want to go even when you cannot know in advance where that is. The pleasure of surrender is profound; my times with Bella - and there are never enough! - are always a journey of discovery. I think this is true (and I think I'm not self-delusional) for us both. With Bella there is always a sense of invention and improvisation and the delight that comes from seizing the moment.

Those of us with strange desires spend most of our efforts hiding them, repressing them, keeping them in the closet. How wonderful it is to step through the door separating regular reality from weird reality and meet Bella on the other side: a friend, a guide, a true mistress.
With the greatest thanks

I have had the privilege of serving Mistress Bella for over a year now and I must say that she is sweet, intelligent, and beautiful, but mean as hell if you don’t pay attention to her rules and demands. The Mistress has a memory like an elephant so if you tell her something you better write it down or pay the consequences when so asks you to repeat what you promised. If you don’t remember it or haven’t done what she has asked of you when you show up for your session God help you. She loves Ball Busting, CBT, electro and just a good old fashion beat down so if you’re squeamish you might want to find a mistress rather than THE MISTRESS.

Having been interested in experimenting with a kinky scene, I found Mistress Bella on the internet. For months, I tracked her website to be certain that she was a true service provider and not something other than what I wanted. As a DC professional, I was concerned about my privacy, but quickly found myself to be in discreet hands.

The day we were to meet, I got lost trying to find her and she was extremely patient and kind. Figuring I should have a complete experience, I had requested a double dom session. Being a novice, I thought I might be overwhelmed. However, I quickly discovered that Mistress Bella had read my application and likely memorized it. She understood what I did and didn't want. Immediately, upon meeting her she put me at ease and addressed me as a person, not a client---that is until our session began.

As our session began, her partner began to push the envelope and started to engage in activities that I was not quite ready for. During this process, I was shackled but could see through the mirror that Mistress Bella had stopped her partner. From that moment on, I knew I was in cruel, yet safe hands. All my concerns vanished, and I was able to enjoy worry-free, guilt-free kink...

Mistress Bella knows the key to a sexy, safe, and kinky experience....she employs her imagination.....fear it, and enjoy it...
-A slave to her intellect...

Dearest Bella Bliss,
I wanted to thank you for making the time this slave spent in The Blue Room the most rewarding experience in recent memory. Your attention to the particular areas of interest to me showed that you really cared about and are dedicated to creating a scene as close to my fantasies as possible. It was like you read my mind. Nothing felt contrived as my darkest desires became a euphorically harsh reality. The realistic nature was amazing. Everything about that afternoon as been delightfully replaying in my mind since our first session last week. The days & hours can't tick away fast enough as I eagerly await my next chance to enter The Blue Room and kneel at your feet. You embody the dominant female I have been searching for all these years. I wish I had found you sooner, but I thank you for making my wait worthwhile.
-Your loyal foot servant

I have been dressing for many years-way more than I care to admit! I have been with other ladies and never felt comfortable with them. I heard about Seductrix Belle from a friend and decided to take another chance. I have been looking for someone like her for let’s say a while. Wow! She is incredible. Not only is she stunning, but she is a true lady....if you want her to be. She helped me dress sexy, showed me sultry rather than trashy! Taught me to be ladylike then made me very unladylike! She was very easy to talk to right from the beginning and helped me express my true desires. Seductrix Belle has helped me with many of my fantasies. I now feel confident going out in public dressed and pleasing my partner. She has pushed my boundaries like no other! I can't wait to see her again!
-Tina Mari

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